The 4 Hardest Rappers of All Time

Lists ranking rappers usually end in one of two ways… Either Biggie or Tupac takes the top spot.

How boring. I mean everyone thinks that? How is that possible?

Because people are sheep.

Well the black sheep is here to urinate and leave a stool sample on your well-manicured lawn.

The rappers listed below never had a #1 song, never worked with Diddy and sure as shit won’t be heard at your fat Niece’s wedding. That’s because they’re hard as nails and don’t conform to radio standards simply to sell records.

These guys are pioneers in hardcore rap and still put out music today.

4. Ganksta Nip

I stumbled onto this Southern rap legend when I was about 14. He’s as hilarious as he is hard. N-I-P is a true original.

He made a ton of guest appearences in the 1990’s and put out quite a few albums of his own.

Part of the hardcore rap scene in Houston, TX… Nip is a member of the South Park Coalition.

The Coalition, last listed by K-Rino, had 80 members and affiliates.

Ganksta N-I-P notable lyrics from Horror Movie Rap:

“It’s Christmas time, Happy New Year G, a dead pig’s head makes a good ass Christmas tree.”

“It ain’t another nigga in this world can match this, I feel like swimming in rat piss.”

“A dead goat got pregnant and said it was mine.”


1992: The South Park Psycho
1993: Psychic Thoughts
1996: Psychotic Genius
1998: Interview with a Killa
1999: Psycho Thug
2003: The Return of the Psychopath
2008: Still Psycho
2010: Psych’ Swag: Da Horror Movie

3. X-Raided

X-Raided long and storied life is something out of a 90’s gang movie.

By the time I discovered his work, he was already convicted and producing albums from his cell. Although Unforgiven is a great CD, the low production value keeps it in second place behind his first full-length, Psycho Active.

In case you are unaware of the legend of X-Raided, read this from Wiki:

“The first X-Raided album, Psycho Active, was recorded in June 1990 with Sacramento rapper Brotha Lynch Hung, and released in 1992. Brown claims that the recording was made during a deadly conflict between the 24th Street Garden Blocc Crips and the Meadowview Bloods, contributing to lyrics full of violence. In March 1992 gang members raided the home of Patricia Harris and she was fatally shot. Brown and four other gang members were arrested for the murder. The cover of Psycho Active  shows Brown’s face with a .38-caliber handgun pressed to his head, and it was speculated that this was the actual murder weapon. The lyrics on the album contained mirror images of the crime he was suspected to have committed, and this caused national media coverage of X-Raided’s then-impending trial. Brown did not testify about the night of the Harris murder, adhering to a code of silence, claiming he was present at the attack but did not pull the trigger. Brown was convicted of first degree murder and gang-related homicide and he was sentenced to 31 years in prison.”


Studio albums

1991: Niggas In Blacc (EP)
1992: Psycho Active
1995: Xorcist
1999: The Unforgiven Vol. 1
2000: Vengeance Is Mine
2000: Speak of Da Devil (as Nefarious)
2001: The Initiation
2001: And He Shall Appear
2002: Deadly Game
2002: These Walls Can Talk
2002: City of Kings (with Kingpen)
2007: Ignition (with Loki)
2009: Eternally Unforgiven Project EP
2009: The Unforgiven Vol. 1: …In The Beginning [Collectors Edition]
2009: The Unforgiven Vol. 2: Assisted Suicide
2010: Bloc Bizniz
2010: The Unforgiven Vol. 2.5: Assisted Suicide [Collector’s Edition]


2001: X-Ology: The Best of X-Raided
2003: The X-Filez, Vol. 1
2004: The X-Filez, Vol. 2
2004: The X-Filez, Vol. 3

X-Raided Presents

2002: K.G. – Catastrophic Consequences
2002: G-Squab – Troubled Man
2004: Cway Muziccorez Death Threats
2007: Semi Auto – The Weapon
2008: Mr. Lil Man
2008: At All Costs – 20:20 Vision
2008: E – From the Block to the Booth
2010: C-Dubb – Mob Hits

2. Esham

Esham is the first and last Detroit rapper I ever gave a shit about.

A true innovator, Esham was pushing the limits of Rap/Hip Hop from the very beginning.

My go to Esham CD is KKKill the fetus. The album invokes images of harsh city life, suicidal thoughts, satanism, corruption and the realities of street life – to name a few.

My favorite tracks on KKKill The Fetus are pretty much all of them. But, my top four are Voices in My Head, Game of Death, Sunshine and 666.


1990: Boomin’ Words from Hell
1992: Judgement Day Vol. 1 & 2
1993: KKKill the Fetus
1994: Closed Casket
1996: Dead Flowerz
1997: Bruce Wayne: Gothom City 1987
1999: Mail Dominance
2001: Tongues
2003: Repentance
2005: A-1 Yola
2006: Judgement Day Vol. 3 & 4
Martyr Sity
2008: Sacrificial Lambz
2009: I Ain’t Cha Homey
2009: Hellaween: Pure Horror
2010: Suspended Animation

1. Brotha Lynch Hung

Back in 1993, nobody was saying the shit that Lynch Hung was saying. Ok, the Geto Boys were, but Lynch Hung’s delivery was completely West Coast.

New to that whole hardcore West Coast scene in ’93 were these North Cali gangstas, like Lynch. But he was the far and away leader as far as skills and production value were concerned.

In the 90’s and early 2000’s, Black Market Records flourished in the underground rap scene behind Brotha Lynch Hung’s skills and notoriety. They put out a series of great albums by X-Raided, Mr. Doctor and a compilation The Best of Black Market Records.

24 Deep is a CD I still bang to this day – 17 years later. Season of Da Siccness and Lynch By Inch: Suicide Note (with the Bonus DVD) are two other must-haves.


1993: 24 Deep
1995: Season of da Siccness
1997: Loaded
2000: EBK4
2001: The Virus
2002: Appearances: Book 1, Remains: Book II, Book III
2003: Lynch by Inch: Suicide Note
2007: The Ripgut Collection
2008: Snuff Tapes
2010: Dinner and a Movie
2011: The Coathanga Strangla


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  4. How can you have a list of hardest rappers and leave off Heltah Skeltah? They don’t talk about selling drugs just about traing robbing and muggin and beating people down. Rockness Fillthy but not Guilty

  5. not being a hater gsquab is on of the realest & hardest rappers hands down... says:

    gsquab is truely slept on.

  6. not being a hater gsquab is on of the realest & hardest rappers hands down... says:

    hes in the hood

  7. Free x raided one of da siccest rappers ALIVE … People should drop Lil Wayne’s gay ass and listen to some real shit coming of a pay phone …

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  9. Insane poetry L.A. Shit. Came out before lynch but i feel lynch was inspired by these guys. Listen to insane poetry how you gunna deal with a psycho. Sounds like lynch shit without the baby shit

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