Top Chef Season 10 To Debut Controversial New Angle: ‘Intestinal Payoff’

Executives at NBC’s satellite cable Channel, Bravo, are engaged in fierce debates over how their hit reality TV cooking competition show, Top Chef, will implement a highly unorthodox, and potentially offensive new variable for their tenth season – sources reported over the weekend.

“In a time when cooking shows, and especially, reality cooking shows are a dime a dozen, this is a breakthrough we’ve been waiting for,” remarked Andrea Reichswarner, Vice President at NY-based Bravo TV. “For more than a decade, foodie shows have been focusing on what it takes to prepare food, and the experience of how it tastes. In my opinion, considering the other, less discussed aspects of food have been left sorely overlooked.”

In this case, the ‘less discussed aspects of food’ have little to do with working in the kitchen, or sitting in the dining room…

“Food goes into our bodies, and we enjoy it. It also leaves our bodies, and let’s face it, we enjoy that as well.” Added President of online marketing, Phyllis S. Hybertrauff.

“After months of researching this question in everything from intensive focus group sessions to wide-spectrum online polls, we know it’s time to add this new angle to our flagship gourmet cooking competition.”

Although executives at Bravo’s Rockefeller Center offices were mum on the exact details of how the show’s infamously candid system of judging will be affected by the new variable, officially dubbed: ‘intestinal payoff”, speculation was available from sources at the Travel Channel, which has been shopping this very idea for no less than the last year.

“If they use anything like the approach we were planning to use for Anthony Bourdain’s proposed new travel show, ‘The World is My Toilet‘, or Andrew Zimmern’s upcoming vehicle, ‘Best Seat in the House‘, post bowel-movement interviews will be inter-spliced with scenes of eating and cooking, turning the whole experience into a single, seamless tapestry of tastes, sensations, and impressions,” said Travel Channel Producer, Ralph Richardezo. “Judging the bowel movements will probably involve considering the duration, consistency, ease of flow, and of course, odor.”

“We think that the dishes rated highest in this category will not just evacuate themselves, but compel a general intestinal cleansing as well,” added Richardezo. “Chefs should aim not just to feed people, but leave them with a feeling of inner balance as well.”

For the household names involved with this show, however, the addition of this new angle isn’t just a logical step for a food show, but something deeply personal.

“My family comes from India,” said Top Chef’s Co-Host, Padma Kakshmi, “so you know that bowel movements are an integral and often-discussed part of our home life. It’s a real shame that toilet-life is such a touchy subject for Western audiences, and I commend our production team for finally stepping up to the plate and thinking outside the box.”

Not ever, however, agrees.

“Frankly, I don’t understand the need for it,” wrote Adam Richman, host of the Travel Channel’s Man Versus Food. “Have you ever tried going to the bathroom the day after eating half a dozen Habaneros? Half the food I eat feels horrible coming out. Doesn’t mean it’s bad food, just means that the experience is all in the eating. If I cared about how it came out, I’d be on a diet of oatmeal, yogurt and branflakes.”

As far as reactions from the public, it’s far too early to tell…

Executives at Bravo’s parent network, NBC, still have several months before season 10 starts filming to decide exactly how this new angle will be rolled out to Bravo’s historically liberal and open-minded market.

Season 9 will be the last season to follow the old blueprint,” Richardezo said in parting. “But don’t be surprised if you start seeing Tom or Padma dropping hints regarding the new ‘intestinal payoff’ variable. It’s sure to get the presses rolling.”

Whether this new trend in food TV sticks around, only time will tell.


  1. im intrested in becoming a contestant on season 10. how do i go about auditioning?

    • Quimosabe says:

      you need at least three letters of recommendation from people that have eaten your food. stool samples are not required, but helpful.

    • Terry Steiner says:

      Are you for friggin real. ????? This must be a hoax . If not then I suggest you flush this absolutely ridiculous. Idea. I’m actually realizing that I have already flunked the idiot test by even rreplying to this insane waste of anyone az gullible ad mysd lf that Is bothering to reply to this idioptic waste oc my time. If not then might I suggest you take. Your uncle billy Bob’s 12 gauge and swollow the business end while match ing hour b ignorant toe to the trigger .

  2. Maybe they have decided it’s time to end Top Chef and putting in this element is a way to drive off interest in the show? This is too absurd. I’m sure it will be done somewhat tastefully, but why go this route. Put together a great group of chefs, a terrific location, (How about Europe?), and great challenges like with the Las Vegas season. That’s what it takes and that’s what we all want.

    • The Richard says:

      I’m pretty sure that this isn’t to be taken seriously.

    • Agree 110% with Mickeba! I stopped watching last season due to all the arguing, do not even know who won because it was not the Top Chef I loved, just another bad reality show with people being mean to each other. Go back to what was successful the Las Vegas season was great. Europe would be a great location, I would love to see how top chefs cook in Italy or France.

  3. Please do not demean Top Chef by putting this ridiculous element in the mix. I just can’t believe Tom would stand for something like this to take place. I do think that since Top Chef is going to be celebrating their 10th season, a “foreign” locale would be in order – say Paris or Rome. Top Chef has meant so much to so many of us over the years – don’t demean it by employing the suggestions listed in the article!

  4. I really hope they aren’t be serious with this. I have been a long time Top Chef fan and thought nothing could stop me from watching it. I guess I was wrong!

  5. The more I think about this, the dumber it sounds—–I don’t believe this is valid in any way, shape or form. I can’t believe you can get away with posting this nonsense!

  6. Kill me now! This addition in focus will most-certainly spell disaster for the show I have rabidly followed from Season 3 until now. If this is what you think you need to do to set the show apart from those shows who have copied your format, then maybe it’s time for your “ideas” team to take a break. Padma is probably right about us being overly squeamish when it comes to talking about bowel movements around the dinner table, but we (as a society) are usually equally squeamish about talking about explicit sex around the dinner table and I don’t suggest Grandmas and Grandpas around the country to start “mounting” on the dinner table to change that.

  7. Ironically I have my laptop on the hamper in my bathroom while I ride the porcelain pony and read this. As a half-westerner/half-Indian, I have always found it weird that people in the country I was born and raised in (USA) find bowel movements or speaking of them such a faux pas. It’s just a normal part of being human… as normal as eating I would say. Any ways, I’ve been a hardcore Top Chef fan from the beginning and though I don’t know how you could incorporate the way the dishes affect your bowel movements without making most Westerners squeamish, I’m all for them trying. I mean, I like truth and reality, and nothing is more true or real than a good bowel movement!!! Tom and Padma, please start tweeting about number 2 for season 10!!!

  8. Connie Kenney says:

    Really? This is Top Chef not Top Sh**er! True, that cooking/reality shows are a dime a dozen. Most of them are pure crap (no pun intended). If this is for real and Top Chef takes this turn, count me out as a viewer! What is wrong with the original concept?

  9. Lynne Trujillo says:


  10. Kathy Christopherson says:

    Please don’t do this intestinal thing. Are you gearing this show for adolescents? The best thing about this reality show was the talent of the chefs as chefs. I was disappointed with season9 Texas because of the sports talent inclusion. What does bike riding, skiing and target shooting have to do with a top chef? Please keep your winning formula.

  11. If this is the direction this show is going, you will see me going in a different direction myself. Out the door.

  12. when will season 10 began…is there a date yet ?

  13. Oh geeze, they’re going all anal on us. Then again, it is BRAVO. What else would you expect? Please, drop the idea. The toilet paper commercials celebrating “the go” are bad enough. New motto: “If you sh*t it they will come” ??? I cannot see how this is going to improve the ratings one bit.

  14. I have loved Top Chef since discovering it in season 3, have gone back to watch reruns of previous seasons & could watch episodes over & over never getting bored with them. I do watch other cooking competition shows but Top Chef is my FAVORITE. None of the others can compare. Please don’t ruin such a good thing with this off-putting potty idea.

  15. Lynda Tracy says:

    Won’t watch this version of the show… no brainer.

  16. Lucas Camargo says:

    I have been watching Top Chef here in Brazil for quite a long time….It’s a nice show, sometimes “too much of a show”, but still nice….
    I hope it continues to be a “nice” show……..LOL

  17. When I first read this, I seriously thought the author confused Top Chef with Hells Kitchen. This sounds perfect for lower class television like Kitchen Nightmares or Hells Kitchen where more entertainment is gotten from Ramsey’s fits of rage than from the (truly monotonous) cooking itself.

    I don’t have an issue with reading, talking or seeing about the body’s after-effects from food consumption. It’s a whole other story to include that into a foodie show.

  18. Katherine says:

    REALLY?!?! Whatever the opinions about westerners not mixing potty talk with food talk, we just don’t. If production is looking for an out, just cancel the show. We Top Chef Addicts will be disappointed, but will find a new diversion sooner or later. But don’t sabotage a great run with a ridiculous parody of what was great! Wow. How annoying to think we have been excited about another season for the past few months, only to read these rumors! This will absolutely be the end of your viewership – I would reconsider this angle!

    What we love is the story and the food. It does not need the obnoxious drama that showed up last season…go back to the early seasons when your ideas were fresh and fun; there was drama but not quite so junior high! Show us creative competitions, amazing Quick Fires, pull some budgetary and ingredient-related challenges that are new and interesting, etc. This is the way to get your viewership back. I don’t even mind the massive amounts of product placement (though it is often forced), but truthfully, make this show about cooking, food, and interesting people and places rather than some kind of dramatic abomination.

  19. I love this show. Why are you messing with a good thing. Sounds totally stupid.

  20. I cannot believe that there are posters that are actually taking this seriously?! This is obviously (well, obvious to anyone who has an IQ over 50, at least) satire.

    Please tell me you people don’t vote…or drive a car….or, I shudder at the thought, have reproduced.

  21. the idea of “inter-splicing bowel movement interviews with scenes of eating and cooking” is pretty much the most disturbing and grotesque idea for a t.v. show. there’s a reason there are stalls in public bathrooms. do you really think we’re interested in knowing about your bowel movements? no. we are not.

  22. Sou fanática pelo programa TOP CHEF, gostaria muito de ver um grupo de chefes cozinheiros brasileiros, participarem do programa!!!!! Isso seria possível? vejam se conseguem fazer isso!!!!!!Temos ótimos chefes brasileiros que cozinham divinamene. Ex.; DANIEL BORK(Rede Bandeirante de TV): EDUARDO GUEDES (rede Record de TV); ANA MARIA BRAGA(TV GLOBO)… e muitos outros,…

  23. I am now encouraged to know that I am not the only person who thinks that most “reality” shows have become so hungry for ratings that they would do anything imaginable to boost them. This is a cooking show. If all of the backstabbing in Season 9 was a glimpse of what is to come, count my favorite show for many seasons out of my line up forever.

  24. This is nonsense. I read four paragraphs down, and I knew the author was pulling our leg

  25. Well if this rumor is true I guess I won’t be watching Top Chef this season! Too bad because it’s normally a great show.I guess they’re trying to compete with all those stupid reality shows and I never really considered Top Chef a reality show.At any rate this is a little too real. Why would you want to take a perfectly pleasurable experience and reduce it to it’s lowliest form? I take issue with the concept of a b.m. being pleasurable, relief and pleasure are not the same! I am really disappointed where is the romanticism, the sensory delight ? A truly gourmet experience should evoke theses feelings along with fondness for those you are sharing your food with, not thoughts of what happens in the bathroom afterwards.All I can say is a geat big YUCK! This is like taking the subject of sex which is a beautiful thing if you’re lucky and placing the focus on the spunk filled dirty sheets you;re going to have to wash later. Really dumb!

  26. Lucas Camargo says:

    Went to NY and decided to try Colicchio & Sons…..What a disappointment!! US$ 250 for 2 . My meat was tasteless and my wife’s duck was hard…..Nice restaurant and good service…But food was not good AT ALL!

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