Taste Test: KFC’s new ‘Skinwich’

KFC is testing a new sandwich: The Skinwich.

5 layers of fried chicken skin, lumped on a bun and topped with white american cheese and bacon.

It’s only available at a handful of KFCs (for now). One happened to be right near our office, so I walked over. Exclusive pics:

kfc skinwich

kfc skinwich in box

eating the kfc skinwich


Nasty. The richness of all that fatty seasoned skin is totally overwhelming. It’s also tongue-parchingly-salty.

I started to gag and got that “brushing the back of your tongue” feeling. Had to spit it out. In KFC’s defense, the sandwich was luke-warm after taking the pics. But I doubt it would be much better hot.

With this latest move and the Double Down‘s success, KFC may be catching up to Hardees/BK in the “making sandwiches so nauseating they generate buzz” dept.

Other Skinwich test stores:

  • Ekaf, Maine – Colbert Blvd.
  • Tihsllub, Oklahoma – Corner of 3rd & Twain.
  • Eritas, California – Dense St.

Let us know if you find one of these sandwich unicorns. We’re working on an interactive Google maps app to track new sightings, so watch for that soon.


  1. I think most people are gonna miss “You go too far, Commodus” reference. Great scene in Gladiator. RIP Richard Harris.

  2. I’d order one.

  3. You’re a wuss. That looks delicious.

  4. Fake? Scan the receipt and post it.

  5. You can tell it’s fake by the shitty photography. Funny, though. And, potentially delicious.

  6. I’ve watied so long to meet you, Skinwich.

  7. I can’t get passed the fact that it is called “SKINwich” I think human skin whenever I look at it. That alone is vomit-inducing. . .

  8. Read the seman of the snwot backwards. Good joke though.

  9. It rubs the spices on its skin, or it gets the hose again. RUB THE SPICE ON YOUR SKIN, CHICKEN!

  10. Of course it’s a fake, those towns don’t exist (so you can’t call and verify) and Colbert Blvd… cummon.

    However I would hope KFC does make one someday!

  11. The chicken to the side of the plate is an awesome sarcastic touch. Funny. Nicely done.

  12. lol look what the towns’ names spell backwards :D

  13. I totally wanna try that sammich

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  15. when can i get a bucket of skin?????

  16. It’s eco-friendly. Skinless products + market for fried skin = everybody wins. Make it true.

  17. Cockasaurus says:

    Of course it’s fake. Look at the names of the towns:

    Ekaf = fake

    tihsllub – bullshit

    eritas – satire

  18. Elizabeth Imbasciati says:

    I don’t think I would eat one. Love fried food but this is a little much

  19. Um, April 1st was months ago

  20. This is fake.
    But I’ve been to “Chicken and Fish” joints that serve fried skin with a side of french fries. It’s not heavily breaded though, just dusted with flour before frying. It is, in fact, effing delicious.

  21. Does it come with a side of Lipitor? If it doesn’t, it should….

  22. Arizona CJ says:

    Funny article! Thanks!

    One somewhat tangent gripe by me though (Not directed at the author); I wish people would stop slamming the double down.

    Is it unhealthy? By some measures, yes, but… it is pretty much the only fast-food item I can eat, other than lettuce wraps (which few places still offer.

    I keep in shape and generally avoid fast food, but sometimes, when traveling, I have few other options. I’m a diabetic so I always have to keep to low-carb fare (carbs such as starches convert to sugar when digested, so eating potatoes, rice, noodles, or bread, for example, is akin to eating sugar for me).

    Low-carb food is hard to find when traveling, and harder still in the fast food world. I’ve only had the double-down (grilled, not fried, to avoid the carbs) twice, and frankly they are way too salty for my taste preferences, but they are one of very few choices I have. There is nothing else on the menu at a KFC that I can eat, unless I throw away most of it. The same is true of McDonnalds and a few other big chains. For Taco Bell, I’d need to throw away all of it and eat the box (which might not be a bad option there, come to think of it…)

    So, I wish people would quit griping about the double-down, because I don’t want to lose one of the very few options that I have. (I sure wish they’d cut the damn salt, though… yuck! But bad-tasting is better than nothing, for those of us precluded from eating most everything else.)

  23. damnit i wanted one! you effers for posting fake deliciousness

  24. beeffingers says:

    It’s about as strange as the Double Down (a sandwich that replaces the buns with two Original Recipe fillets). And KFC markets that. LOL. I’d order a skinwich.

  25. Sorry but this is a hoax.nice try to trick people, should used this idea on april fool’s day!fake advertisement!

  26. Me want one! If it isn’t real, it should be.

  27. I wonder if this is targeted to the American African community to increase their heart disease

  28. Anonymous says:

    U broke the facebook counter. Lost a digit.

  29. james Rothschild says:

    i would f*ck one

  30. I swear KFC is hell bent on killing Americans.

  31. Jim Vorel says:

    I’m a food blogger for the Herald & Review newspaper in Decatur, IL, and we constructed a skinwich this afternoon, which I then ate. And we got it on video, which you can view at the blog, here.


    It was a hell of an experience. Not a particularly good experience.

  32. amazing, i’d eat 2. bitches.

  33. LOL… Look at the test stores.

    Can you say the names of the cities backwards?

    Other Skinwich test stores:

    * Ekaf, Maine – Colbert Blvd.
    * Tihsllub, Oklahoma – Corner of 3rd & Twain.
    * Eritas, California – Dense St.

  34. Rob, Arnie, and Dawn.

  35. AHH man that would defiantly put anyone into a mean “CHICKEN COMA!”

  36. Wow, I wonder if that would even Decompose? With all of the fat and preservatives I would assume after fifty years in a landfill it would probably become a sentient being capable of total world domination…

  37. I would eat it:) I like fat food sometimes.

  38. Hi, I have been quite a lurker on your website and wanted to break my silence. Your post, KFC’s New Skinwich — A Skin Sandwich today was simply awesome.

  39. susie smith says:

    Gross! What are you thinking with 67% Americans overweight/obese? Who would support your corporation with this kind of terrible food. You need a large group of Registered Dietitians to clean up your food. Can’t you be a team player and help Americans make healthy food choices?

  40. Anonymous says:

    how would I order 4 of them when standing at the counter?


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